Jun 9, 2013

What I made Wednesday

Let's be honest. I love crafting. Like really like crafting. However, like many of you... I'm super busy. Finding time to actually work on a project is hard to come by. So, I take advantage of nap times! That rare time when I manage to get both littles to sleep at the same time. Oh it's a beautiful thing. 

While I came out victorious yesterday (I deserve a pat on the back), I was able to whip out these two 4th of July wood projects. 

For those of you locals who love a good DIY craft project with very LITTLE effort, you've got to check out  The Wood Connection on state street in American Fork! It's a bit dangerous that I live right around the corner from this store. But I'll take the risk. This store has tons of awesome wood cut outs. Not to mention- the cutest holiday projects. They have them all on display, so you choose what you want to do and then pick out your paper, wire, paint, ribbon, etc. You can copy theirs exactly or add your own flare. I love that its a one stop shop, and also very affordable! 

Here is what I ended up with: 

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Ashley said...

How neat! I wish we had a store like that here :)