Oct 21, 2013


 Things have been a little hectic lately. Wrapping up summer. Moving. Birthdays. Celebrations. Just life in general. But things are finally slowing down. Which finally means a little more "Me time". Every mom deserves a break now and then, which is why I love my craft group I belong to. This months past craft we did consisted of darling BUTTON EARRINGS. I'm a die hard for earrings. I love them big. I love them small. I love them colorful. I love them ALL!

 (I may or may not have just finished a Dr. Seuss book with my daughter). 

That's besides the point.....

Anyway, so if your looking for a fun and SUPER easy craft, that takes hardly any time. Check this out.

Supplies you will also need:
 E6000 Glue
 Needle nose pliers, or wire cutters

Follow the directions on the back of the cover button kit. There is a template to cut out and use. (Easy peasy directions, don't worry). Once you have completed the directions, use either your needle nose pliers to bend the button loop on the back, or wire cutters to completely cut it off. Then, add a little glue and stick the earring back on and let dry over night. Easy enough? I told you!

Here are the ones I made in less than about an hour!

 Until next month....


Shan & Andrew said...

It was fun, wasn't it!

Ashley said...

Those are so adorable!!!